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There are many ways to join the cause of Transformational Leadership Partners. You may want to join a team of men and women traveling to Africa to offer training in the many areas where we serve. You may want to contribute financially to the cause or one of the teams, or write a thought on our Leadership eForum, or whatever interests you below.  We are looking for men and women who share our passion for servant leadership.


Join a team of men and women who will assist with training and mentoring in Africa. We need those with expertise in education, business/economy, public service, art and media, humanitarian service, the church or the family. The training conferences and seminars we offer through these teams lead to ongoing mentoring relationships.



Join our online and ongoing discussion of leadership issues in our Leadership eForum. It will also connect you with others who want to become excellent servant leaders, with integrity and character.You will be able to share ideas and lessons learned as well as help you build a network of relationships.



Join our Servant Leader Association of like-minded leaders who are committed to become servant leaders who lead with integrity and character. We will be releasing additional leadership resources to this association as well as encouraging collaboration within the association.



There is no better way to grow in leadership skills and character than by joining a small group. In these groups you can find others who will share ideas, give encouragement, and hold you accountable. Let us know you are interested, and we will match you with others in your area who have the same desire to be the best leaders they can be.




We believe that prayer makes a difference, so we would also like to invite you to be a part of a group of men and women who are committed to pray for the development of servant leader with integrity and character within Africa. You may want to link this with other prayer groups, too.

Teams? The eForum? The Servant Leader Association? Small Groups? Prayer? Let us know of your interest HERE

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