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A Conference for Education Professionals 
Freetown, Sierra Leone - July 29-August 1, 2019

Investing in quality early childhood & elementary education prepares children to succeed in life, is needed for economic development and reduces poverty.

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Transformational Leadership Partners, Lead Africa, and

The American Montessori Leadership Academy are collaborating to offer quality training in education.


This conference will:

Bring professionals, families and investors together to recognize the impact of high quality education in the early years.

Explore current & emerging practices in early education. 

Provide practical techniques to work with special education students. 

Introduce techniques to make learning relevant to every day life.

Explore ways to teach children to develop critical thinking skills.

Breakout sessions will likely include:

   Special education issues

   Hands-on Early Childhood learning

   Appropriate discipline in the classroom

   Parental respect of teachers

   Parental involvement in the classroom and at home

   CPR and First Aid

   Hearing and Vision Certification

   Montessori method

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We need your help...

Teacher Trainer and Conference Volunteer Information

Please consider joining a volunteer group of education professionals who will serve as trainers and those who would like to assist with the running of the conference. This group will travel together July 23-August 4 from the United States. Following is additional information you would probably like to know...


  • The five day training conference will include plenary lectures, interactive breakout room instruction, discussion with local teachers, and an opportunity to visit a local school.

  • The curriculum will be determined by teachers like you who will be offering the training, in consultation with education

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       specialists from Sierra Leone. Curriculum preparation will be coordinated through meetings            and email (Google Docs) during the 8 months leading up to the conference.

  • At the conference you will be in charge of two different 90 minute breakout sessions that will likely be offered several times during the five days.

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Estimated Cost: $3500 (at current airfares)

  • Includes all air travel (from most US cities), lodging, meals, ground transportation, conference expenses, and sightseeing. You may want to bring a little cash for shopping and souvenirs.

  • The training you will offer will be part of a service project through a partnership between LEAD Africa and Transformational Leadership Partners (TLP). You will therefore be able to seek donations,


  • Two days of travel to the destination

  • Two days for preparation

  • Five day training conference

  • Two days for sightseeing and local visiting

  • One long day of travel home

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       arrange fundraising events or seek crowd-funding toward your cost of participating in the                  project through TLP.

Living situation:

  • Simple (but clean and safe) hotel with air conditioning.

  • European/American style food with occasional local meals.

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If you are interested in participating as a Teacher Trainer or a Conference Volunteer please complete the form by clicking the appropriate button below:

If you have been approved to be a participant in the conference, please register here.

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