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TLP is partnering with established and emerging leaders who have taken the initiative to help develop their nations. This is a part of developing character in their own lives as well. We would like you to know some of the organizations and their leaders with whom we are partnering.

U.S. based partners:

Africa based partners:


  • The Center for African Leadership Development-Africa (CALD Africa, Ethiopia) -                

       Leader: Ahadu Gebreamlak

       Leaders: Don and Joyce Osman

                 American Montessori Leadership Academy

                 LEAD University

                 WIN-Women's Investment Network


       Leader: Mulu Woldetinsae


  • Fondation Parole d’Espoir (Word of Hope Foundation, Burkina Faso)

       Leadership: Michel Ouedraogo, Alassane Compaore, Samuel Ouedraogo


  • Ecole Superieure Africaine la Flamme de L’Espoir  (Flame of Hope African Univ., Burkina Faso)

       Leadership: A Local Board


  • AbRural Development Movement (ARUDMO, Mouvement pour le Développement Rural, Niger) -  

       Leadership: Ali Moussa Hamani, Magagi Sadikou


  • Hope for Youth Foundation (Benin)

       Leader: Josué Akowanou

       Leader: Freddie Tuyizere

Future Hope School

Gitega International Academy

Shammah Health Center

Homes of Hope

       Leaders: David and Denise Kadalie


       Leader: Silvanus Babere


  • Life Community Academy (Uganda) –

       Leader: Paul Natuhumuriza

       Leaders: Daniel and Abiola Mwanmut​


  • Les Assemblées de Dieu du Burkina Faso (The Assemblies of God of Burkina Faso) -

       Leader: Pastor Michel Ouedraogo


  • Les Assemblées de Dieu du Niger (The Assemblies of God of Niger)

       Pastor Ali Moussa Hamani

       Director: Hadiza Moussa Hamani


       Leader: Jean-Baptise Mugarura

       Leader: Florence Fokoua

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