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She was in labor ready to give birth on the ground by the side of road...

Silvanus could not let that happen, so he took her to the government hospital. When he approached the emergency entrance, no one would come to help. Because government funds were being waylaid by corruption and staff was not being paid, they were apathetic about doing their jobs and serving patience. Silvanus went inside and pressed some staff to help...and a healthy baby was delivered. The experience added to Silvanus' passion to get the Scholastica Memorial Hospital built. It's the hospital that we have been writing about recently which is named for Silvanus’ sister who died of AIDS she contracted from an unfaithful husband…a hospital that will care for people with the love of Jesus.

The Lord has provided just over a third of the funding (about $56,000), and Silvanus has been able to build the outer walls and has started the roof. We are now hoping to raise the funds for the rest. A family friendly to the ministry has just made a generous offer. They will match the next $25,000 that is donated…doubling each donation. Would you consider a gift toward this? Do you know of other individuals, organizations or foundations that may be interested?

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