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What comes first, the leader or the egg?...

In this case both!

There would have been no eggs if Silvanus Barbere had not first taken the initiative to start the poultry farm with the interest-free micro-loans from The Gemach Project. On the other hand, Silvanus clearly put these poultry farmers first through his sacrifice of time and energy to help them get started. It was a local initiative to supply income to a number of families in Kehancha, Kenya, an area where development help has been minimal, and ethnic groups are still raiding and destroying each other’s farms and homes, and people have been killed in the crossfire.

The encouragement and hope that Silvanus, a servant leader gives in his community is outstanding. He is a young man of integrity, compassion, and maturity way beyond his years. He has since started a local clinic, and we are partnering with him to build a hospital that will serve the larger region of Kuria. It is a privilege to walk the leadership road with him.



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